Change of Plans

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No Missouri State Yo-yo Contest on the 27th as promoted 2 months ago. The venue double booked and cancelled us. This is why you haven’t heard any promoting or any details for Moyo. Looks like we are gearing up for the spring though!


Yo-Yo and Shakespeare!

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One of the most popular event’s in St. Louis is the annual free Shakespeare Festival in Forest Park. No tickets are necessary, and there are no gates to walk through. When you arrive at Shakespeare Glen, find your own seat or rent one of our chairs. Bring your own picnic or take advantage of onsite dining options. The Festival is the only free outdoor professional theater in St. Louis. Join nearly 3,000 people nightly for the evening’s Green Show, followed by the main stage show.

The annual free production in Forest Park has become one of the most anticipated events of the St. Louis summer season. Highly regarded regionally and nationally, the Festival’s productions feature some of the country’s best actors and have been nominated for numerous awards.

We want you to come enjoy free Shakespeare this summer and meet some of the top St. Louis Yo-Yo players. MoYo will be roving throughout the audience performing yo-yo freestyles before the play begins on select nights. Find info for all special entertainment for the festival at and to catch the yo-yo action our dates are listed below.

Friday, May 23 6:45pm-7:45pm MoYo followed by a preview of Henry V

Sunday, May 25 6:45pm-7:45pm MoYo followed by Henry IV

Saturday, June 14 7:30pm-8:15pm MoYo precluded with Henry IV 4:30pm-7:30pm and followed with Henry V 8:30pm-11:30pm

The World Chess Hall of Fame will be joining us in the park for our June 14 date with a life-sized game of chess. Explore one of the world’s oldest and most popular activities with challenging chess-related games, puzzles and demonstrations.




Doc Pop Mo Yo Attack!

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If you watch you watch Portlandia…..San Fransisco or Portland, what’s the difference these days right? Well, we asked our readers the same question and it turns up the distinction is a fine line. Fred Armisten and Carrie Brownstein from Portlandia are genius! Here’s  a real-life video with a multi-talented professional Yo-Yo master, ranked 3rd in the world, Doctor Popular a.k.a. Doc Pop! With the same reverence of Portlandia it will captivate any audience and bring out their true artist! Portlandia quite easily finds the quick wit, intelligent humor and free-style artistry that defines Doc Pop! We hope you enjoy this video.
Yes please and prepare yourself because this IS real-life Portlandia, “When Your Ready Come and Get It!

Insane Slow Mo Yo-Yo Attack


St. Louis Yo-Yo class

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Star Clipper is an award-winning St. Louis landmark. They emphasize uncommon gifts, zines, manga, pop culture collectibles and apparel, and a comprehensive graphic novel selection.

This is where we have our monthly Yo-Yo sessions for Team MoYo and new players. All Yo-Yo sessions are free and to music and you are welcome to plug your I-pod/phone into the house system.
MoYo will be at Star Clipper every 3rd Saturday and we welcome you to join us….see you this Saturday from 1pm-3pm!

6392 Delmar Blvd.
Saint Louis, Missouri 63130
Phone   1 (314) 725-9110

Ice Carnival 2014

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Come chill at Star Clipper on Saturday, January 18 for the 2014 Loop Ice Carnival!

One of the best days of the year in The Loop, the Ice Carnival offers carnival games, performers, face painters, a putt-putt pub crawl, a Frozen Buns Run, and more! Every year, this unforgettable day of family friendly festivities gets even better, and this year will not disappoint. Previous years’ favorite events are making a comeback; plus, there will be 18 new, unique events!

As always, Star Clipper will have a pop culture-inspired ice sculpture in front of the store, but we’re not telling what it’s going to be – you’ll just have to come and see it for yourself!

At noon we will have the same familiar furry mascot giving out warm cups of Hot Cocoa. Come in out of the cold for a tasty treat while supplies last!

In addition, we will also be hosting MoYo (the Missouri State Yo-Yo freestyle group), who will perform a synchronized “Fro’s and Yo’s” demonstration between 1pm and 3pm. Check out videos of the group performing at For more information on the Missouri State Yo-Yo freestyle group go to

What’s cooler than cool? The Loop Ice Carnival at Star Clipper! -Jon Scorfino

MoYo United

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MoYo United is our new video team project which includes practice, local performances, competitions, and the teaching side of all things yo-yo, diabolo, and spin-top.  With our first release of videos coming from contest MOYO13 you can go directly to our Youtube channel: MoYo United1 . For extra credit watch the video below from our director…

Dylan Dodson is our newest team member and official videographer for MoYo United, or shall we say “Wizard of Rap?” Dylan will be the first to admit it’s his first time filming yo-yo freestyles at a contest. And we have all been there and actually he is just learning how to “Walk the Dog”, gee whiz he’s a yo-yo virgin too!

When Dylan isn’t giving Free Hugs across America, he enjoys reading, watching Psych, and posting YouTube videos to his YouTube Channel “mybffDyl” Dylan is quick to tell you that he has dozens of fans in his World Famous Party Rap Dance video.  Being the best Seeker in the Midwest, Dylan hopes to take USA to the Quidditch World Cup someday.


MoYo 13 Who Won

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1.  Martin Risse 38pts


1. Michael Kuba 29 pts
2. Luke Sherman 27 pts
3. Lord James Buffington 25 pts
4. Jacob Doane 13 pts
5. Russ Andert 10 pts


1. Kevin Mckulsky
2. Scott Surface
3. Russ Andert
4. Joel Norris
5. Lord James Buffington
6. Michael Kuba
7. Bryce Benton


1. Russ Andert


1. Ian Johnson 84.56
2. Robbie Grahm 68.93
3. Brandon Cole 57.18
4. Shane Lubecker 47.07
5. Brandon Sommer 10.625


1. Kevin Eulalia        93.78
2. Shane Lubecker   87.18
3. Stephanie Haight  81.54
4. Ian Johnson        78.46
5. Andrew Robinson  75.78
6. Alex Fairhurst       67.26
7. Sam Windnagel     65.08
8. Robbie Grahm       62.59
9. Brandon Cole       59.75
10. Coulter Fafard    57.07
11. Connor Schultze 55.28
12. Aron Bendet       51.57
13. Jacob Vaughn     49.12
14. Matt Neuman      45.32
15. Jesse Williams     39.70
16. Nile Forsythe      34.77
17. Luke Sherman     28.17
18. Sterling Forsythe 24.32
19. Brittany Forsythe 22.55
20. Jonathan Walker  5.66

 Division 1A MO State Rankings

1. Kevin Eulalia 93.78 seed to finals MWR
2. Brandon Cole 59.75
3. Aron Bendet 51.57
4. Matt Neuman 45.32
5. Jesse Williams 39.70
6. Nile Forsythe 34.77
7. Luke Sherman 28.17
8. Brittany Forsythe 22.55
9. Jonathan Walker  5.66

 Division OPEN MO State Rankings

1. Brandon Cole 57.18 seed to finals MWR

Spin Top MO State Rankings

1. Scott Surface
2. Russ Andert
3. Michael Kuba